WoCa 2022. Preparatory seminar results

Evy Hoeben Activities, News

A preparatory meeting of part of WoCa’22* participants has finished more than a week ago, but vivid emotions from getting to know each other,  some information about Botswana and the local projects, still fuel our charge and help to cope with all the preparatory bureaucratic visa and other procedures. Hope it’s the same for you! This year’s kick-off seminar took …

60th anniversary of FIMCAP

Marie Lavall Activities, News

Happy Birthday FIMCAP!!! In 2022, FIMCAP celebrates its 60th anniversary! We would like to celebrate this special year with the whole FIMCAP family. To join the celebration, all the friends of FIMCAP around the world are warmly invited to share their best moments, funniest stories and greatest experiences in FIMCAP with the FIMCAP community. All the details on the campaign can …


Evy Hoeben Activities, News

After a delay of two years, EuroCourse can finally take place! EuroCourse is a training course for young leaders from European FIMCAP member organisations. The target group are youth leaders (18-25 years old) who are active as leaders of a local group or as trainers on local or regional level. EuroCourse will take place in Belgium from 9 to 16 …

FIMCAP Europe pub quiz

Evy Hoeben Activities, News

FIMCAP Europe invites everybody to join the first FIMCAP Pub Quiz. The quiz will take place on Wednesday 9th of December, at 19:00 CET. To join the quiz you have to fill in the registration form before the 7th of December 2020, 12:00 CET. This will give us the time to form the teams. The link for joining the quiz …

World Camp 2022

Evy Hoeben Activities, News

We would like to present to you the host organisation of the next FIMCAP World Camp: Chiro Botswana! Chiro Botswana created a great video to announce the World Camp: click here to watch it. The World Camp will take place in July-August 2022. Something to look forward to! A big thank you to Chiro Botswana for taking up this engament!

FIMCAP General Assembly

Fimcap.org Activities

From the 24th of August until the 2nd of September the General Assembly will take place in Belgium. The General Assembly is the highest decision making body of FIMCAP, taking place every 3 years. The General Assembly is made up of representatives from each member organization. These representatives set the direction of FIMCAP for the next three years. For the General …

EuroCourse 2018 “Head in the Cloud”

Fimcap.org Activities

EuroCourse is an international opportunity for European leaders organised by FIMCAP, the international federation of Catholic parochial youth movements. This year’s EuroCourse, titled Head in the Cloud, kicked off on Thursday 1st February. The theme chosen was media literacy and critical thinking. 24 participants aged between 18 and 25 years, originating from 8 different countries, including Malta, Germany, Catalonia, Lithuania, …

World Camp 2018

Fimcap.org Activities

Every three years FIMCAP organizes a World Camp. A World Camp brings together around 60-70 youth leaders from all over the world. They will share games, songs and ideas from their local youth movement. Together they will reflect and work on a specific theme. After spending a first week together to get to know each other, the participants split up …