Now more than ever: together for diversity, peace and respect. With these words FIMCAP Europe issued a statement one year ago. Now this statement is more accurate than ever. We as FIMCAP stand for unity, solidarity and respect. We see cultural diffences as an enrichment and not as a threat. We show we can play and work together across borders. We cannot tolerate the violence and attrocities that take place all over the world. Let us pray for al the people, especially children and youngsters, who have been affected by violence, and let us pray for more understanding and tolerance among people. You can find the statement of FIMCAP Europe here.

Friday, 25 March 2016 21:34

General Assembly 2016

In August 2016 the 25th General Assembly of FIMCAP will take place in Switzerland, hosted by our friends of Jubla. We hope to welcome all our member organizations there. On the General Assembly we will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), from a child and youth perspective. Youth are an integral aspect of the goals, and every goal requires youth participation to succeed.

Monday, 23 November 2015 19:59

Year on child labor

Every year FIMCAP Day will mark the start of a new year theme. 20 November 2015 will be the start of the year on child labor. We might think that child labor is a very specific problem and only a concern in specific regions, but we forget that our behaviour as a consumer often keeps such practices alive elsewhere in the world.

Sunday, 22 November 2015 08:46

Happy FIMCAP day!

On the 20th of November we celebrate FIMCAP day, a day of common action among our member organizations. It is no coincidence that we celebrate FIMCAP day on this date as it is the day that the Convention of the Rights of the Child was signed, marking the day as the day of the Rights of the Child. As youth organizations, it is our task to build a society in which these rights are guaranteed for every child.

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