Chiro Youth Movement Philippines

Number of members:
About 1500


When and how often does youth meet?
Every Sunday

Do you use a uniform or a symbol?
Yes to both

Typical food of the country:

Language spoken:
Filipino and English

Typical game:

It involves a ball (we use a volleyball) and two teams on an
area much like the volleyball court. The members of each team goes inside their rectangle areas such that the two teams are facing each other. The goalies of each team position themselves on both ends of the rectangle. The ball then is given to the team who wins the toss and the game begins. The object is to hit as many opponents without going out of their rectangle and without getting hit yourself. If you are hit, you go out of the rectangle and help the goalie hit from the other side of the rectangle. To avoid being hit, you have to catch the ball. If you catch the ball then you are not considered out of the rectangle and you can hit the members of the other team. If the ball hits one person but his team-mate was able to catch the ball then it is not considered a successful hit and the game continues. The team
who hits all the members of the other team wins. Or, the team who hits the most after a time limit wins the game. I attached a drawing of the playing field.
· No hitting above the belt. If you hit the other team above the belt, it is not counted.
· If there are more than 1 goalie (because there are a lot of hits) then
they may hit from sides of the rectangle. Thus, it becomes more challenging for the opposite team.


Contact details:
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