Pudubuwa Niwasa

Sri Lanka

Full name of the organisation:
Kithu Dana Pubuduwa

When did the organization start?
1975 under our current name, for a full history : http://www.pubuduwa.org/about_pududuwa.aspx?tid=3

How many members do you have?
about 15.000 to 18.000

What kind of activities do you do?

Do your members wear a uniform or use any kind of symbol?

Do you have a year theme?
Yes, we work with a year theme

Are you in a partnership or do you do some international activities?
We participate  with other organisations  where necessary  with regard to the betterment of our country

Do you publish a magazine or newsletter for your members?
Monthly magazine Walk in the Spirit in three languages.  Cassettes for prayers and songs – books on prayer and general topics.

More information:
On www.kithudanapubuduwa.net