Full name of the organisation:
Frivilligt Drenge- og Pige-Forbund
(Voluntary Boys- and girls- organisation)


When did the organization start?
FDF was founded in 1902 by the young Copenhagen architect Holger Tornøe. In the beginning only boys could be members of FDF. The activities were first and foremost marching exercises (drills) accompanied by music, talks and Bible studies.
Soon FDF started arranging summer camps where boys were introduced to outdoor and camp life. In 1952 FPF, an organization similar to FDF but for girls, was founded, and in 1974 the two organizations merged as FDF/FPF. The name was in 1994 changed to just FDF.
FDF is one of the largest Christian organizations for children and youth in Denmark. The aim of FDF is to share the Gospel with children and youth. Since 1902 FDF has been an independent and voluntary part of the youth work of the Danish national church.

How many members do you have?
22.000 members

What kind of activities do you do?
Activities in FDF give children and youth unsurpassed experiences with nature, music, new modes of celebrating divine services etc. New technology is sometimes employed, introducing members to new and amusing ways of using e.g. SMS, GPS for orienteering and camp activities. Drama, local bands and song groups also form part of FDFs many activities. In recent years adventure sports like sailing, kayaking, wall and tree climbing have also become part of the typical acitivities. In fact, FDF employs anything that can arouse interest, give members a good time and at the same time support our objective and fundamental values in the widest sense.
The activities normally takes place in local groups once a week, additionally there are numerous activities on local, regional and national level.

Do your members wear a uniform or use any kind of symbol?
The members of FDF wear a light blue uniform. On the right arm of the uniform you can attach pearls that symbolizes a level in one of the 25 categories, which can be for example hiking, communication or playing. On the rest on the uniform you will find labels from different you get from participating in FDF events. Furthermore you will the FDF logo, the local group and the class of the member.

Do you have a year theme?
We do not have a year theme, but focus on development goals within the organisation.

Are you in a partnership or do you do some international activities?
International cooperation does not only take place at the national camps. FDF is a member of the international umbrella organisations “European Fellowship”, “Global Fellowship” and “fimcap” and is closely connected with similar organizations all over the world. For more than 30 years FDF has worked with development projects. The projects run for about 3 years and in this period of time the local groups both raise money for the project and work with themes related to the project in order to inform FDF members about the living conditions in developing countries. Recent projects count U-turn Uganda and Minglabar Myanmar.

Do you publish a magazine or newsletter for your members?
FDF publishes three magazines and a cartoon. A cartoon book for the youngest members that revolve about the two characters Sille and Sigurd, who experience all kind of stuff as member of the FDF. Further more there is a magazine for the young members that is called Flux, and for the oldest members there is Bluz. There is also published a magazine for the leaders, which is called the leader. All the magazines have relevant articles about FDF.

More information:
On FDF.dk
Every fifth year in FDF there is a big national camp with more than 10.000 participants that are both Danish and international, so come and join!