Jong Nederland

Number of members:

When and how often does youth meet?
Once a week

Do you use a uniform or a symbol?
No uniform

Typical food of the country:
Hutsepot, ( Stew)

Language spoken:

Typical game:

Hide and seek game. One child has to try to find all the other children and call their names at the meeting point (but). The but is a ball. At the beginning of the game one of the hiders kicks the ball away. The seeker runs after the ball, has to carry it back to the central point, count to 100 and may start seeking after that. People that are found have to get together around the but. A player who has not been found yet may kick the ball away. He or she has to sneak up to the ball and kick it before the seekers sees him or her. The seeker has to start all over again with looking for the players. Only two times the players may kick away the ball.

More information:
Jong Nederland exists already more than 60 years. On the sixth of December 1944, right after the southern provinces of the Netherlands were freed of the Nazi occupation they created Jong Nederland as an organisation for all Catholic youth. The idea was to unite all the different Catholic Youth Organisations that had existed before the war and that were forbidden after 1941.  In the end not all Catholic Youth Organisations joined Jong Nederland. But for a long time Jong Nederland was the most important Catholic Youth organisation in the Netherlands.


Contact details
Landelijk Bureau Jong Nederland
Vredeman de Vriesstraat 38a
5041 GS EV Tilburg

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