Jungwacht Blauring


Full name of the organisation:
Jungwacht Blauring Switzerland

Jubla Switzerland

When did the organization start?
1932 Jungwacht
1933 Blauring
2009 Fusion to “Jubla”

How many members do you have?
Approx. 20.000 children and 8.000 leaders

What kind of activities do you do?
Group activites (Gruppenstunde): An evening every week or every second week
Troop activities (Scharanlässe): Mostly at weekend
Troop camps: Mostly summercamps, but also some camps take place in autumn.

Do your members wear a uniform or use any kind of symbol?

Do you have a year theme?
(End of September 2016 we have an event called “Jublaversum” for all Jubla members in whole Switzerland)

Are you in a partnership or do you do some international activities?
Partnership with Chiro Philippines
International activities: Ranfttreffen

Do you publish a magazine or newsletter for your members?
Newsletter and magazine called “Hosesack

Local Jubla magazines

More information:
On jubla.ch/international and jubla.ch

Blauring Jungwacht has five principles:
zusammen sein – being together
mitbestimmen – co-determination (having their say)
Glauben leben – belief / to act in good faith
kreativ sein – be creative
Natur erleben – experience nature