Full name of the organisation:
Katholische junge Gemeinde


When did the organization start?
1970 (although separate men’s and women’s association had been existing since the 1940/1950s)

How many members do you have?

What kind of activities do you do?
Usually, children and youth in the parish meet to play, talk and have fun together, to discuss politics or do some spiritual experiences. Most parishes or districts also offer vacation camps or other activities, ranging from canoeing or skiing trips to pilgrimages. Every couple of years, there is big nationwide event, with usually 2000-3000 participants.

Do your members wear a uniform or use any kind of symbol?
No uniform
Our symbol  is the Seelenbohrer (“soul driller”)

Do you have a year theme?
No, but we have several themes that we work on for some time (but not necessarily a year)
Our current themes are
-    Peace
-    The right of the child to rest, leisure, play and engage in recreational activities.
-    Suffrage without age limit

More information:
on kjg.de