ZAK Malta


Full name of the organisation:
Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Kattolika


When did the organization start?

How many members do you have?
around 700

What kind of activities do you do?
Each ZAK group has a regular weekly meeting. The members accompanied by their youth leaders/youth workers, meet, socialise, develop and experience life skills inspired by the Catholic faith. All this is achieved through structured and unstructured sessions including discussions, role-plays, hands-on activities, reflections, prayers and games.

Do your members wear a uniform or use any kind of symbol?

Do you have a year theme?
This year’s theme is “Mercy” adopted from the universal church’s theme of God’s Mercy and the world youth day theme “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” (Mt 5:7)

Are you in a partnership or do you do some international activities?
International Forum Catholic Action
European Fellowship (EF)
Exchanges/roundabouts with other youth groups

Do you publish a magazine or newsletter for your members?

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