In FIMCAP we want all children and young people to have the possibility to develop themselves holistically. This is done through coaching along the long and difficult road as they become committed and responsible adult Christians.

We also want to define ourselves as an alternative option that works towards a Christian and humanized world. We want a different world than that based on egoism / egocentrism, money, consumerism, hate, violence and exploitation.

In FIMCAP we want children and young people to find an appropriate place where they can grow up; where they are capable of expressing their opinion and interests; where they can learn about their responsibilities in society.

With the following scheme, which refers to FIMCAP statutes, FIMCAP expresses its values which are crucial for the collaboration between FIMCAP and its member organizations, as well as the collaboration between member organizations themselves.

Every member organization shares these values and aims in its respective mission statement. Every member organization expresses these values in accordance to their own reality. FIMCAP and its members are open to these differences and welcome them as an enrichment for the identity of FIMCAP.

FIMCAP recognizes the Human Rights and subscribes to their recognition, in particular the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which we celebrate every year on FIMCAP Day on the 20 November. FIMCAP expects its members to subscribe to these rights.  

Both within FIMCAP as within the member organizations young people take the lead in making decisions and setting up activities. The member organizations are voluntary based youth movements. They are working according to the principle of “young people as actors”. Young people get full responsibility for leading local groups, for making decisions on regional and national level.  Young people are the providers and beneficiaries of the work being done.

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