Friday, 21 October 2016 09:57

Call for Kiro Haïti

Hurricane Matthew has hit Haïti very hard. When looking at the images on the news, our thoughts went to our friends of Kiro Haïti. We were happy to receive news from the chaplain of Kiro Haïti, father Justin. He informed us that as far as they know, there are no casualties among the Kiro members. However, the damage is severe. 

Kiro Haïti wants to make a call to all Fimcap members for help for the local Kiro groups. Each form of support is very welcome. 

Father Justin:
This hurricane has really caused a lot of damage, especially in the south, mainly in 3 departments (Jérémie, Les Cayes and Nippes). I made a first trip south of the country to check the situation there. Houses are destroyed, roads are cut making access to certain parts of the country not possible. There is no power because the electricity network was destroyed terribly. Food is short because 90% of gardens, fields and livestock were destroyed. People have lost their source of income. Diseases and epidemics come up, especially cholera. 

 Donations will be used for the following actions:

  • To buy materials to help families of Kiro members to rehabilitate their homes
  • To rent a truck to transport these materials
  • To help Kiro members who lost their school supplies, Kiro Haïti identified until now 237 members
  • To buy food and clothes for families that are most in need
  • If it is possible, to give each family a small sum of money to take up their lives again

Support can be donated to the bank account of Kiro Haïti:
Name of the bank: SOGEBANK
Address : Port-au-Prince, Haïti
Account name: KIRO D'HAITI
Account number: 3916001005

Persons from Europe can also transfer donations to an account in Belgium, in order to avoid high transaction costs:

Holder of the account : Jacques Thomas
Name of the account : Missiehuis van Scheut – Brussel
IBAN : BE65 2100 3906 6396

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