Tuesday, 30 May 2017 13:02

EuroCamp 2017

EuroCamp is an annual summer camp organised by FIMCAP Europe for youth members and youth leaders. Every year one of FIMCAP Europe‘s member organisations hosts the EuroCamp. This year Katholische Jungschar from Austria is inviting you to take part in an extraordinary experience.

Theme this year is “Open the dialogue”. Together with youngsters from a migration or refugee background we will talk about social inclusion. What does it mean and what can local groups do? We will talk with people who are influenced by the refugee crisis and try to put ourselves into their shoes.

EuroCamp takes place from the 4th until the 13th of August in Austria. More information can be found on the EuroCamp website

EuroCamp is supported by Erasmus+ and by the European Youth Foundation.