JUPACH (Juventud Parroquial Chilena)

Number of members:

Republic of Chile

When and how often does youth meet?
The young people meet twice a week during the year, from March till January. In these meetings, the leaders make a program and try to grow up in a family feeling. During other two hours they meet with the kids to develop their projects and to have fun with them.

Do you use a uniform or a symbol?
In JUPCAH we use a yellow tie which has a stamp of Christogram on it.

Typical food of the country:
The typical food from Chile is the “emapanada” which is a dough of flower with meat, onions, olives, grapes and eggs. You can cook them with oil (fry them) or put them into the oven.

Language spoken:
The national language is Spanish but there are some other native languages which are not recognised by the State.

Typical game:
The spinning top and the Volantin

Other things mentioned:
Chile is one of the longest countries in the world.
You can find Chile in the South West part of the Pacific sea. It means that the long and narrow Chile land is limited by the South Pacific Ocean.

Do you got a magazine/newsletter:
Bi-monthly magazines supporting the work of young people; training materials.


Contact details: 
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