FIMCAP Africa takes part in African University on Youth and Development

FIMCAP Africa, represented by John Agordey, member of Catholic Youth Organisation CYO Ghana, attended the 7th African University on Youth and Development, held in Nairobi, Kenya, and hosted by the Network for International Youth Organizations in Africa (NIYOA), of which FIMCAP Africa is a member.

The theme of the programme was «Youth Organizations: Actors for Change». It was attended by the various young groups from the Network for International Youth Organization in Africa (NIYOA), North-South Centre of Council of Europe (NSC) and African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe (ADYNE).

The Network of universities, promoted by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe in partnership with youth organizations and governmental institutions, aims to promote personal development through training as well as capacity building and co-ordination of youth organizations in global youth work. The Network aims to promote a more co-ordinated work between universities, thus promoting more visibility and sustainability of the partnership.

Participants were grouped in their various mother networks for the commencement of the training. In NIYOA, the training began with an overview of the formation of the network which included series of conferences and meetings held, challenges encountered and the way forward. Participants’ expectations were sort to enable the facilitators to repackage their presentation to meet them.

The focus areas of the facilitations were

  • Youth empowerment and participation
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health and
  • Peace and security

The participant had the opportunity to present FIMCAP as a federation as well as FIMCAP Africa as a branch of FIMCAP.

Elizabeth Mademe, President FIMCAP Africa

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