Follow-up Seminar for the European World Camp participants

The European participants from the World Camp in Rwanda have met each other again in Berlin, from 18 - 22 November, 2015. The main topic for these five days was a group challenge about children’s rights.

The follow-up seminar started with a session to look back at the World Camp. With help of a line chart we talked about all our high and low points. We also brought along our favourite picture. Among all the numerous experiences it was not easy to choose one single picture. But it was very interesting to hear about each other’s feelings; sometimes they were similar, sometimes different feelings were experienced in the same situation. But all of us looked back at the World Camp with a big smile. That evening we also started with a short brainstorm about our current ideas for the group challenge.

The next morning we tried to arrange our current and new ideas into five sub-groups. Afterwards we started working in those groups. In the group National Level we decided to find more ideas about every single point and to focus on those points for which could be developed even more. We stopped working in the groups for a local visit with an organisation that takes care of young refugees who arrive in Germany without their families. The organisation helps them to start their future life in Germany. They prepare them for their work life or later to live in their own flat. Later we visited the «Reichstag» and went for dinner in an African restaurant to finish this interesting day with nice food.

Friday was FIMCAP Day, and for this occasion we had to come up with something to post on the FIMCAP Facebook page. We shot three different scenes for a short video. In the afternoon we carried on with our group work.

The next morning none of the groups was able to complete their work yet, but still we started to discuss what we wanted to do with all our work and how we should carry on. We wanted to later publish our materials (games, information sheets and other materials about children’s rights) on the FIMCAP website. As soon that page is ready we will promote it.

Almost at the end of those five days we had one big final task to do; to make a short movie about the World Camp and our experience. That video will be shown at the General Assembly in Switzerland in August 2016.

At the end we all received a certificate that we were «Ambassador for Children’s Rights». We are all proud about this certificate. Unfortunately the days in Berlin came to an end and we had to say goodbye. But I’m pretty sure that we will meet once again. I can really recommend the adventure «World Camp»; it will stay in our minds for a very long time.

Manuela Schorr, Jubla Switzerland