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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 11:17

KjG demands more free time for children

«35 Stunden - und keine Minute länger» - which means «35 h – not one minute more» is a KjG resolution on the national level. In this resolution, as well as in the corresponding statement, KjG demands that all school-related tasks, including homework and revising for exams, should not take more than 35 hours/week for all pupils and children.

In the first week of August, 3100 Austrian Altar Servers started their journey to Rome to meet more than 5000 other young people from countries all over Europe and the world.

The most important question of this trip was: what can we see and do in Rome? There are a lot of ancient buildings to see and a lot of history to discover. Rome has too many sights to visit and many more interesting places to see. But one of the highlights of this journey was to meet Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square and to celebrate evening prayer together with him. 8500 altar servers meeting for one reason gives you an incredible feeling, a feeling of community, joy and happiness.

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