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EuroCourse 2018 "Head in the Cloud"

EuroCourse is an international opportunity for European leaders organised by FIMCAP, the international federation of Catholic parochial youth movements. This year’s EuroCourse, titled Head in the Cloud, kicked off on Thursday 1st February. The theme chosen was media literacy and critical thinking. 24 participants aged between 18 and 25 years, originating from 8 different countries, including Malta, Germany, Catalonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Denmark, Romania and Slovakia, spent 5 days in ŻAK house, Birkirkara Malta.

The Course started with a treasure hunt around the city of Birkirkara. This gave the opportunity to the participants to k ow each other and also to see the city. In the afternoon they had the first session about media and how they are influenced by it. Participants had in the evening a spiritual experience that give them inspiration for prayers which can be used in their own organisations. In the same evening there have been the International Evening, when each country had the chance to present their county. This evening was aired live on FIMCAP’s Instagram (@fimcap). The evening ended with full tummy and some traditional dances.

The next day started with a mass, which for several was the first experience of an international mass. Next, another workshop was scheduled. This allowed the participants to actually reflect on the effect of mass media and the excess of information we are exposed to and how to be critical of the news. The third session in the afternoon, gave the participants a chance to discuss marketing and how it works in different countries. The best part of this session was that the expert gave advice on how to ‘sell’ or ‘brand’ our youth organisations. In the evening, the participants went to Valletta to visit a bit of the city and have dinner.

The last day started with a session about journalism. The expert delivering the session was an editor of the most popular newspaper in Malta. The participants also discussed how today, due to social media, everyone is considered a journalist, and how important our role as youth leaders is, in order to guide and mentor young people in a positive manner.

``We learned different methods and knowledge about critical thinking which I’ll be sharing it with the youth in my country and also with people that are able to make decisions and take action about the problems on the social-madia.`` (Andrei Condrat - AGLT)

Thanks goes to FIMCAP and all the organisations for being part of this awesome experience. Thanks also to ŻAK for the organisation and hosting of EuroCourse 2018, and finally to Erasmus+ funding programme which made this experience possible.

Original text by ZAK Malta:


From Catalunya to Malta
La nostra història comença amb la reunió a l’aeroport (no sense uns petits entrebancs) dels quatre seleccionats per representar els esplais catalans davant de la FIMCAP a l’Eurocourse, aquest any celebrat a Malta. Abans de marxar, com molts dels qui llegiu aquesta columna ara mateix, no sabíem que el MCECC forma part d’una organització a nivell internacional d’educació en el lleure a organitzacions catòliques, la FIMCAP. No sabíem que Europa està plena de grups semblants als esplais amb joves monitors tan motivats com nosaltres i amb tant d’interès per trobar un lloc en aquest món de xarxes socials i discurs mediàtic pel nostre projecte d’esplai.
És per això que més a cegues que amb coneixement de causa, ens vam aventurar a l’experiència maltesa amb ganes d’explicar als companys monitors d’arreu d’Europa el nostre petit racó d’esplai català. L’Eurocourse ha estat el punt de trobada d’una trentena de joves desperts per a compartir experiències i maneres de funcionar. Sobretot, però, reflexions al voltant dels temes com la força dels mitjans de comunicació, el màrqueting en els esplais o la fe en un món globalitzat.
Amb el nexe comú de l’estima cap als infants, és un veritable privilegi descobrir les sorprenents i fins i tot divertides diferències culturals entre joves. Cada organització funciona de manera original i els seus membres tenen maneres de veure l’educació en el lleure diferents. Aprendre’n ens permet créixer com a monitors i com a persones.
Som un gra de sorra en un enorme oceà del qual ens hem de sentir molt orgullosos i ni tan sols en teníem coneixement. N’hem sigut conscients durant una setmana, mentre coneixíem grans persones, cuinàvem i mostràvem la nostra cultura mentre apreníem de les altres, rebíem formacions i descobríem aquesta petita illa al mig del mediterrani.
Tantes històries amb tants pocs dies, només ens queda agrair als organitzadors del projecte, a la ZAC de Malta que ens ha acollit i a tantes persones que hem tingut la sort de conèixer. Ara, toca compartir-ho i fer el projecte gran.

Friday, 23 February 2018 13:00

World Camp 2018

Every three years FIMCAP organizes a World Camp. A World Camp brings together around 60-70 youth leaders from all over the world. They will share games, songs and ideas from their local youth movement. Together they will reflect and work on a specific theme. After spending a first week together to get to know each other, the participants split up in 4 mixed groups to do voluntary work in local community projects. During these days they will also stay in host families. After 10 days they come back together to share their experiences. 

World Camp will take place from the 27th of July until the 19th of August in the Philippines, hosted by our member organization Chiro Philippines. 

The theme is a red thread throughout the World Camp. It will be brought to the participants via discussions, games and speakers. During this World Camp we will reflect on responsible consumption. We will look at ourselves and our habits, and reflect how they affect the world we live in.

Click on the presentation on World Camp 2018 for more information on the theme and the program.

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Sunday, 24 December 2017 22:11

Merry Christmas

FIMCAP wishes all member organizations and worldwide friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Click here to see our Christmas wishes.

Sunday, 24 December 2017 21:40

New presidium for FIMCAP Africa

In November 2017 the African member organizations came together for the AfroConference. They discussed and planned their work on Sustainable Development Goals and children’s rights. They also elected a new African presidium.

Congratulations to Alain Ndamyabera Ishimwe (Xaveri Rwanda) as new president of FIMCAP Africa! Also congratulations to Dorine Mushikaneza (Xaveri Burundi), Alusine Ibrahim Sonnie (CYO Sierra Leone) and Father George Inocent Okwii (Xaveri South Africa) as regional coordinators. Thank you for your commitment and all the best wishes for your work!

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