jeudi, 19 février 2015 11:42

Chiro youth movement of Southern Africa

Number of members: Found in 19 dioceses

Country: Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa

When and how often does youth meet? 1 –2 times per week

Do you use a uniform or a symbol? Uniform is used but differs from region to region.

Typical food of the country: Rice and stew

Languages spoken: English, Isi Zulu, Isi Xhosa, SiSwati, Ndebele, XiTsonga, Afrikaans, Isi Pedi, seSotho, seTswana (sign language for the deaf)

Typical game:

The aim of the game is to get the children or youth to co-operate.

Stand in a circle. One leader remains in the centre. He/she will do an action for example clapping of hands an say “Do as I do”. The people in the circle repeat “I do, I do”. The person in the circle will change the action without saying “Do as I do”. Those that imitate him/her will have to go out of the circle or remain seated on the floor.

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