The European Youth Forum – GA in Brussels, April 2023

Evy Hoeben News

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) had its General Assembly in Brussels, from 21st to 23rd of April.

YFJ is a coalition of International Youth NGOs and National Youth Councils in Europe, forming the largest Youth organization worldwide. As a part of the YFJ, FIMCAP was represented by Paul.

During the General Assembly, members of the Financial committee of YFJ and the representatives for the Advisory committee of the Council of Europe were elected.

Important discussions and decisions:

  • Proposals for Switzerland and the EU to pay more attention to the impact they have on youth in their negotiations.
  • Criticism of the decision not to include Bulgaria and Romania in the Schengen area, although they have fulfilled the necessary requirements.
  • YFJ called for freedom, rights and support for the youth of Turkey, especially after the earthquake in the region.
  • An urgent motion dealt with politics in the UK, where the human rights of refugees are constantly questioned. The assembly called for recognition of the importance of solidarity, the right of asylum and the hardships faced by people fleeing their countries.
  • YFJ started the process of creating a new strategy plan for the upcoming years.