Children’s Rights

“We acknowledge that every child has his/her own specific personal interests, his/her own rights and responsibilities.
We want children to be children, to find free and safe places to play, explore, discover and thereby strengthen their values, and to find answers to their needs.”

Mission Statement General Assembly 2013

Children’s rights are a central topic in the work of FIMCAP.
As umbrella organisation of worldwide youth organisations, we see it as our task to build a society in which the Children’s rights are guaranteed for every child. We do this together with the children and listen to their ideas and their needs. These are their rights and they should be involved in the decision-making process.

Both within FIMCAP as within the member organisations, young people take the lead in making decisions on regional and national level, setting up activities and getting full responsibility for leading local groups. This is how children and young people find an appropriate place where they can grow up; where they are capable of expressing their opinion and interests; where they can learn about their responsibilities in society. 

FIMCAP contributes this expertise on participation to various political and social bodies and represents the opinions of the young members at world level. 
Have a look at our complete mission statement on Children’s Rights.