Sustainable Development Goals

“The Earth is essentially a shared inheritance, whose fruits, according to the encyclical ‘Laudato Si’, are meant to benefit everyone.
Children and youth should be able to dream, to live without limitations; their freewill and personal choices should be respected. We recognise that children and youth are not passive recipients but agents of change, and that they play a crucial role in building awareness for, implementing and achieving the SDGs.
Therefore they have the right to age-related information on global issues.”

Mission Statement Transforming our world, FIMCAP General Assembly 2016

FIMCAP focuses on some specific topics within the Sustainable Development Goals. The Mission Statement of the General Assembly in 2016 aimed for a child rights-based approach to the SDGs.

In their diversity, FIMCAP’s member organisations share the same Christian values. We live in a world working towards peace and fairness. We see ourselves as activists of the rights of children, youth and young adults. Scarcity of resources causes conflicts, which is why resources should be managed with care and equality for all humanity.

In our opinion, youth should be part of the solution in resolving poverty, providing quality education, reaching gender equality, practising responsible consumption, and having justice and peace in an inclusive society. 

In all the work that FIMCAP is doing, we try to achieve this with the children and youth, by the children and youth, and for the children and youth.

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