Our Work

FIMCAP unites and supports its member organisations.
By offering opportunities to come together in a spirit of fraternity and mutual understanding, FIMCAP creates the feeling of a community and stimulates exchanges on issues concerning youth and youth work. 

FIMCAP aims to help uncover and understand the specific needs of children and young people all over the world and develops actions to deal with these needs, building upon the local experiences of its members.

FIMCAP aims to be a voice of young people, by representing its member organisations in international bodies and platforms. 

FIMCAP aims to build a better world and a living Church with and through young people. 

Every three years, the FIMCAP General Assembly decides on a new theme to be dealt with over the next three years. The theme is based on the values of FIMCAP and on the current needs and interests of the member organizations.

All member organisations are asked to give extra attention to the FIMCAP theme in their work.