“FIMCAP connects young people across the world in youth exchanges, in learning and networking opportunities and in intercultural teams who work on a common goal. As active young Christians around the globe and in FIMCAP, we work in solidarity and strive for a better and just future and the preservation of creation.”

Mission Statement Solidarity, FIMCAP General Assembly 2023

The current theme of FIMCAP for the years 2023-2025 is Solidarity.

For us, solidarity means to actively strengthen the connection between young people and youth organisations through exchanges, educational activities and political engagement with our network partners. Through these, we provide spaces for young people to learn from each other and to develop their skills together with others, enabling young people as well as their organisations to develop new bonds of solidarity.

Solidarity means to ensure that the voices of young people are heard. Therefore, we provide young people access to spaces in which they can be politically active and empower them through training. 

Finally, solidarity means solidarity with our planet. We promote awareness of sustainability among our member organisations and challenge ourselves to implement an environmentally conscious approach in our activities and meetings. Through our networks and participation in global events, such as the UN climate conferences, we provide platforms for young people to actively engage on climate issues.

Have a look at our complete Mission Statement on Solidarity.