How to join

Does your organisation want to become a member of the FIMCAP family? Have a look at what’s important for future members and contact us for more information! 

Membership may be granted to organisations of children and young people structured at a national or regional level that: 

  • agree with the aims and values of FIMCAP
  • encourage young people – through community life – to develop, to take on responsibility, to discover current cultural, social and political issues together, to experience openness, solidarity, and commitment and to share responsibility
  • base their activities on the Gospel to promote the participation of young people in parish life and parish missions
  • train the (volunteer) staff and regularly inform its members and leaders

There are 4 criteria for membership:

  • being a catholic organisation
  • organising activities for children and/or youth
  • youth have the possibility to take part in the decision making
  • a direct link with the local communities or parishes

Based on these criteria, we establish the following membership categories:

  • FULL MEMBERS: organisations that fulfil all 4 criteria
  • AFFILIATE MEMBERS: organisations that fulfil 3 criteria
  • SUSTAINING MEMBERS: organisations that fulfil 2 criteria

At least 2 criteria must be fulfilled to apply for membership of FIMCAP.

Do these criteria apply to your organisation? Then let’s have a look at the next steps to become a member:

Applications for membership must contain an official letter of request (signed by the head of the organisation) and a copy of the statutes, the structures, the aims and the program of the organisation.
The applicant must also submit at least one of the following documents: 

  • information about its legal status (as applicable in the country)
  • or church endorsement (national or regional)
  • or letter of support from another FIMCAP member organisation 

The application must be sent to FIMCAP’s Secretary General three months before the General Assembly. Only the General Assembly can decide on the admission of a member organisation. These General Assemblies take place every 3 years. 

You would like to have a closer look into the work of FIMCAP before your organisation becomes a member?

Before official admission, organisations wishing to find out more about FIMCAP may ask to participate in FIMCAP’s activities as observer members. These observers may not vote. To apply as an observer member, an official letter of request must be sent to the Secretary General, who will bring the request on the next meeting of the Intercontinental Bureau. 

Do not lose sight of the fact that becoming a member organisation of FIMCAP also brings some responsibilities with it. All member organisations of FIMCAP are expected to:

  • take part in the General Assembly and in the activities agreed upon together
  • implement the decisions taken by the General Assembly
  • be in regular contact with the Secretary General, inform him/her of their programs, activities and undertakings at national and international level and to send him/her their publications
  • lend their ideological and financial support to FIMCAP’s work
  • pay the annual membership fee fixed by the General Assembly and proposed by the Intercontinental Bureau
Want to join?