FIMCAP theme 2023-2025

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On which theme should FIMCAP focus in the next years? Take this opportunity to put forward your ideas!

On our General Assembly in October 2022 a new theme will be presented. This theme will be the focus of the next 3 years. The Intercontinental Bureau (ICB) is collecting ideas and suggestions for this theme.

Do you have a theme in mind that would be good for FIMCAP to work on? Then fill in these questions before the 22nd of May.

If there are any questions or if you wish to consult with us, mail to

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Previous themes that FIMCAP worked on:

  • The value of play
  • The Sustainable Development Goals
  • Children’s rights
  • Climate change
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Young people in a globalizing world
  • Young people, protagonists of peace
  • Youth and sexuality
  • Foreigners
  • Living in an intercultural world
  • International Year of Youth – participation, peace and development
  • Relations between the European federations and those of the developing countries
  • The parish
  • Situation of children and youngsters – children’s rights
  • The organisation of FIMCAP
  • Our work with the youth of today for tomorrow
  • Common aim and structures
  • Our common base, the present and the future in FIMCAP
  • International solidarity
  • The place and formation of small groups – looking towards the Church of tomorrow
  • Youth work in postconciliarian times
  • Youth work in the Third World
  • The situation of young people between 14 and 17 years old
  • The bases on which to build parochial organizations for the 17+ age group