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Hello, everybody!

Those who follow FIMCAP activities may already know that over 60 participants from 20 member organizations from all over the world spent their July 2022 at World Camp in Botswana*. Now, when it is already almost the mid of October outdoors, the crazy World Camp journey has just finished with the reflexive Closing seminar in Barcelona, Spain (6th-10th of October 2022).

During the World Camp, the week of teamwork on projects in different local communities is supposed to be the most applied, intense, and unforgettable experience. But as practice shows, projects in local communities are far not the only outcome participants can fulfill together. That is why after each World Camp edition the part of participants from Europe (offline) and other continents (online) are getting additional chance to meet and create together during the Closing seminar.

This year the Closing seminar has appeared to be really fruitful, so we are glad to share it products with whole Fimcap Community.

1. Sources of inspiration for local group leaders

World Camp brings together leaders of local youth groups from all over the world. So, the exchange of games, dances, energizers, and other fun activities is an inevitable part of the WoCa. In order not to forget all of them, Kasane and Tonota project team created several YouTube playlists with recordings of materials everybody can use during meetings with children.

Use! Enjoy! Comment!

Table moments



You can also find find more playlists with educational songs and praying moments on the Fimcap YouTube page.

2. Fimcap Water Prayer

Group from Ramotswa project has prepared a special praying moment to better connect participants during FIMCAP events and create the special joint devotion moment. The team encourages you to check the video and include the prayer to the traditional activities of your organization.

3. Fimcap Dance

You have already probabaly sang FIMCAP “Frinde, Freunde” song countless amount of times. But what about the dance? Try to follow the steps together with Tonota team (creators) and other WoCa participants. Promise you – it would be a hit activity during the next General Assembly, so better to know the moves! New WoCa recording of the FIMCAP song  from WoCa participants is also attached below.

4. How to build a community

The main topic that Oodi  project group was working on was Building a Community by helping to refurbish the Community Hall that is used by so many people as a space to enjoy indoor and outdoor sports and activities. After the week of this project they came out with the article about the core things in community building based on their practical experience. Check the file with the article to get to know all the details!


5. FIMCAP board game

Have you already enjoyed a lot of common activities, but still strugle to expain what is FIMCAP to the wast majority of your organization? Mahalapye project group came up with easy and fun sollution for you – FIMCAP board game.

The good news is that you can just download all the materials, print them out and enjoy!

Brief game description

FIMCAP game game will allow you to travel across the countries where FIMCAP is present. While moving around the world, players will try traditional games from the Member Organisations as well as gain some knowledge about the FIMACP as well. This board game fits for all age groups.

⬇️ Game materials. Download

*The World Camp is an encounter for young people. Participants are youth leaders between 20 and 30 years old. The host organization is asked to involve their local youth groups. Through working in local projects and living in hosting families, participants will experience the reality of daily life in Botswana, and especially the situation of the young people there. Participants will present their own culture and get to know the cultures of the other participants. Activities like songs, dances, games and liturgy will be organized as a process of cross-cultural experiences.