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You are invited to join a game that will be played all over the world. 4 international teams try to earn as many points as possible in one weekend. Join and collect points for your team! 

  1. Division of the groups

In our FIMCAP family we currently have 31 member organisations + 1 observer member. That makes 32 organisations. These will be divided into 4 groups of 8 organisations. The division will be done as with all major sporting events: drawn name by name from a big bowl. Each team will have its own color:

  • Team red
  • Team green
  • Team blue
  • Team yellow

2. Aim of the game

You have one weekend to earn points with your team, so encourage the organisations in your team to join. The team with the most points, wins! 

3. How to earn points

You can collect points by posting a picture or a video while playing a game. Important: you have to wear something in the color of your team or the item that you play with must be of this color. The color must be very obvious and present in the picture, it cannot be a little detail. In the caption you mention the color of your team and a brief description of the game you are playing. 

You post the picture/video on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #fimcap2020 and you tag FIMCAP. 

!!! Make sure that your post is public instead of only visible for your friends. Otherwise we will not be able to see it and award you a point!!!

A picture/video = 1 point

4. Timing

You can start posting pictures on Friday 20th of November at 12:00 midday, according to your own time zone. 20th of November is World Children’s Day, to commemorate the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. On this day we also celebrate FIMCAP day!

The competition ends on Sunday 22nd of November at 20:00 or 8 PM in the evening, again according to your own time zone. 

5. Creativity awards

The jury can hand out 3 creativity awards to the picture/video that they consider to be the most creative, funny or original. 

1 creativity award = 5 additional points

6. Rules

    1. At least one person has to appear in the picture. It cannot be a picture of only a game.
    2. Pictures must be significantly different from each other. Just changing your pose or changing the person will not earn you a point. 
    3. You can involve any person you want. They don’t need to be members of your local group or organisation. You can involve family, neighbours, friends, … 
    4. Posting the same picture on both facebook and instagram is allowed. These channels are counted separately from each other, so you can earn 2 points when using both channels.
    5. The number of likes a picture/video receives will not be taken into account.
    6. Pictures/videos which are posted before Friday 12:00 or after Sunday 20:00 will not be taken into account. The jury knows in which time zone you are located.
    7. The jury is always right.

7. The price

Worldwide fame as the winning team of the first global FIMCAP game!

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