Fimcap at European Youth Forum GA

Evy Hoeben News

Did you know? Fimcap is also part of the European Youth Forum (YFJ).

The Forum is a coalition of International Youth NGOs and National Youth Councils in Europe, forming the largest Youth organization worldwide. Together we advocate for the interest of young people, especially in and towards the EU.
Their General Assembly took place on 24.-26. November in Tirana, Albania, which was also the European Youth Capital 2022. Julius and Paul represented fimcap there.

One point of the agenda was the elections of several positions within YFJ. We would also like to congratulate our newly-elect president María Rodríguez Alcázar on her election and all the other new members of the Board.
The agenda also featured the finalization of our new statutes, which will shape our future work as the European Youth Forum.
While we are sad that we had to end the memberships of the Armenian and the Russian youth council, since neither country is hosting a working independent youth council right now, we are also very happy that we could welcome the Albanian Youth Congress into the YFJ family.

We also agreed on two motions: One added additional reasoning for our exclusion of the Russian Youth Council and underlined our condemnation of the Russian assault war. The other motion was about supporting the ongoing revolution in Iran and demanding our national and European institutions to provide refuge for young political activists. Since we also were involved in the process of the last motion, we are very pleased, YFJ is having a strong stance on this topic as well.