Results of Online General Assembly

Evy Hoeben News

The 27th General Assembly (GA) of Fimcap took place on 19th-20th November 2022. This General Assembly was the first in 60 years organized online.

The event gathered representatives of 24 member organizations. The GA worked productively and approved:

  • Updates in the Statutes
  • Finance and accounts
  • The overview of the membership categories

Presidium and ICB have presented:

  • the plan of action towards inactive and suspended organizations;
  • report of the Presidium [2019-2022];
  • report of the Intercontinental Bureau [2019-2022];
  • interim report on the theme 2019-2022″Value of play”;
  • introduction to the new theme “Solidarity”;
  • report from the communication working group;
  • informe de la comisión de finanzas.

During the GA Chiro Flanders was confirmed as a host for the Fimcap secretariat and the Secretary-General. Among all the crucial topics participants also found time to play some small energizing games and celebrate the 60th Anniversary of FIMCAP.

Despite all the pros of online format, it limits the possibility to exchange and interact efficiently. The next extraordinary physical General Assembly will take place on 11th-20th of August 2023 in Germany. Follow our updates to be aware of all news and opportunities.