FIMCAP and COP27 – a defining moment in the fight against climate change

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COP27 – is the 27th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27), United Nations Climate Change Conference. It is taking place in November 2022 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt to create a golden opportunity for all stakeholders to rise to the occasion and tackle effectively the global challenge of climate change.

Timeframe: 6th-18th of November 2022.

This year FIMCAP pays speccial attention to COP as FIMCAP delegation is also going to Egypt to represent our diverse members and its unique viewpoint.

“As a catholic youth organization, we are able to provide a new perspective on many issues, especially on climate justice, which I believe to be valuable. Also, FIMCAP´s participation makes the voices of young people heard, which is super important as the climate crisis will affect them more than anyone. Together with other youth organisations, catholic organisations and contacts from our countries, we are preparing the FIMCAP positions on topics that will be negotiated at the Climate Conference.”

Roman Sieler, Co-President of FIMCAP Europe

Meet FIMCAP delegation

Bettina Duerr, JUBLA

Policy manager and researcher at AlgorithmWatch, Switzerland 

– Why do you think it is important for FIMCAP to participate in COP?

– As an umbrella organisation we represent millions of young people from the global south and the global north. We can voice demands that young people from very different countries have in common, especially regarding climate justice.
Roman Sieler from KjG

Ph.D. Student of Environmental Economics and European Co-President of FIMCAP

– Climate change is a really complex problem. How will you know if the COP was successful or not?

– It is always difficult to tell – usually the COPs are not as successful as we want them to be. But at the same time, every bit of progress is good news. So I think I it will be a success when the world comes together at this crucial point in time and is able to agree on additional and decisive steps in the right direction. 

Paul Albrecht from KjG

 PhD candidate Theoretical Chemistry; part of International Committee KjG

– Why did you decide to join COP?

– I think FIMCAP can make a difference at COP – and if it is just a tiny, small one. I want to be a part of this. Let’s move the next steps towards climate justice!

Fidelis Stehle from KjG

Master student Education; International Committee KjG,  Committee on development policy BDKJ, Germany

– Whom do you like to meet and get to know during the summit? 

 – I am looking forward to meet and learn from young people from all over the world and working together for climate justice.
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McIvan Vamboi from CYO Sierra Leone

National President – Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Sierra Leone; affiliate of FIMCAP

– Why did you decide to join COP?

 – I believe that the future is young, and therefore young people should have a chance to amplify their voices at COP and secure climate justice for those affected the most.
I am looking forward to meeting all young people at COP, to learn best climate practices and have a collective and resolute “Youth Voice” for climate justice.

Lots of thanks and best wishes to our delegates. You can follow their COP27 journey on our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.